6 Ways to Own Your Engagement


It should come as no surprise that one of the strategic focus areas for many companies’ people practices is employee engagement. According to research conducted by Ascend, organizations with highly engaged employees outperform their rivals in:

•  Operating income by 19%,

•  Net income growth by 14%, and

•  Earnings per share by 28%.

In addition to financial performance, highly engaged employees are more productive, more likely to remain with their employers, and just overall more passionate about and committed to their work.

Many organizations drive engagement-related efforts from a central team such as Human Resources. These are initiatives spearheaded by others, for you. However, how can YOU complement this at an individual level and take ownership of your engagement?

While most highly engaged employees embrace an employee-centered model of engagement, most disengaged employees follow an employer-centered model. (Ascend)

Disengaged employees expect the organization to play a primary role; however, their highly engaged counterparts more appropriately expect the organization to play a support role.

Individuals who are engaged in their careers are happier people Monday through Friday. Below are a few tips to help you get started taking ownership of your engagement at work.

1. Make the commitment. Engagement requires an increased amount of energy and effort, so you need to make it a conscious choice and be committed.

2. Be “real.” Bring your authentic self to work every day and infuse those characteristics into your work.  Start bringing more of “you” into the workplace.

3. Follow company happenings. There’s a lot that goes on outside of your individual role. Stay tuned in to the larger business on a regular basis.

4. Connect with colleagues. Invite them out for coffee or lunch to seek input on a project, or just enjoy a friendly chat.

5. Stretch yourself and take advantage of opportunities. Get out of your comfort zone. Volunteer on committees; ask for a leadership role on an upcoming project; commit yourself to one or two stretch goals each year.

6. Ask your boss for feedback. Be proactive in your communications with your direct supervisor. Don’t wait for her or him to come to you.

Want to reap the benefits of being more engaged in your work? Take that responsibility into your own hands and start today!

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3 Commentsto 6 Ways to Own Your Engagement

  1. Maggie…good simple advice. Agree. Too many people forget that an employee is also critical for engagement to exist. I also blogged on similar lines and sharing with you as well.


  2. Maggie Frye says:

    Very good point about empowerment in your blog, Deepak. The “A” – Allowed – is only one piece of the formula. Capable and willing are equally important. Thanks for sharing!

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